Every year, more than 8 million people die from tobacco use. Most tobacco-related deaths occur in low to middle-income countries, areas that are the targets of intensive tobacco industry interference and marketing. As we know from the Tobacco Atlas, there are 225.720 number of deaths due to tobacco related products in Indonesia itself.

This occurrence can be inhibited easily if people who use tobacco products or who are exposed to it know what the dangers of tobacco use really are and prevent the dangers of tobacco products to happen.

CIMSA FK UNISBA participated actively in commemorating the world without tobacco by holding an event called “DIPAEHAN” or “Annual Day without Tobacco”. The activity, which previously called KAHATEAN, was carried out again this year with the theme “Love the Lungs, Prevent it to Become Ashes”.DIPAEHAN itself is a word in Sundanese which means deadly. It is a choice for us to end the cigarette or to be ended by the cigarette.

With CIMSA FK UNISBA and Pertiwi Middle School agreement, DIPAEHAN was held on Friday, August 2nd 2019 at the Pertiwi Middle School, located on Jalan Kebon Bibit No. 16, Tamansari, Bandung Wetan District, Bandung City. The activity took place in one of the class es that had about 30-40 students. Gratefully, there was no problem on our preparation, during and after the event took place. The event was filled with counselling, simulation, and games. Of course, it was brought by CIMSA’s members with a warm and interesting way so that the event went fun and was definitely full of excitement.

The first activity was counselling which was delivered by dr. Azka Nabila as one of CIMSA FK UNISBA alumni with the highest UKMPPD score in Indonesia. She brought material about the dangers of smoking and its impacts on humans. The students’ responds were good and they seemed really interested when the material was delivered. There were some students who felt scared, curious, but was still able to joke around especially when the gymnastics songs were played.

Then, the event continued with the simulation of the dangers of smoking for the lungs. We used simple items so that these students can understand easily. This simulation only requires bottles, cotton, water, and of course tobacco cigarettes. First of all, the bottom of the bottle was perforated for the discharge of water and the lid was perforated as well for the entry of the tobacco cigarettes. The bottles were then filled with water and cigarettes. We then let the water flow and cigarette smoke fill the bottle. When the water ran out, we removed the cigarette and covered the hole in the bottle cap with cotton.

We considered the color changes that occurred in cotton is the effect of nicotine. This simulation made all of the students enthusiastic and they all wanted to try it themselves. Finally, a question and answer game was held which was also an evaluation for the material presented.

Hopefully, this DIPAEHAN can raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and help promote health in Indonesia.